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Respect Other’s Request

Belum genap setahun saya bekerja di perusahaan ini. 10 bulan tepatnya. Semua berjalan lancar dengan jatuh bangun tentu saja. Apalagi usia perusahaan ini sama persis seperti masa saya bekerja disini. Yup, saya adalah salah satu dari 2 personil awal perusahaan ini. Saya dan founder sekaligus owner perusahaan ini sendiri. Respect Other’s Request… “Yaudah sih, apply … Continue reading »

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The Switch – Between Love & Friendship

The Switch baru minggu lalu saya tonton di 21 Cineplex Setiabudi One. But if anyone asked me to watch the movie once again, i would love to. Yess, i like it very much 😀 Meski memang the story is a little bit cheesy. Mudah tertebak. Mirip-mirip cerita Back Up Plan. This is a story about … Continue reading »

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Never Say Goodbye :)

Below is my farewell email that I’ve created word by word with all my heart. May these words represent what i feel. To: Fadillah Yuliasari Cc: Bcc: xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx,… Subject: Never Say Goodbye “Some days are meant to be remembered. Those days we rise above the stars. So I’ll go the distance … Continue reading »

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My Last Week at Menara Thamrin 26th Floor

Monday, April 26 2010 I woke up a little bit late in the morning. Tapi Senin kali ini sungguh terasa berbeda. Saya menghadapinya dengan senyum. Busway dan jalurnya pun ikut ambil bagian to cheer my morning up. Sungguh bersahabat pagi ini. A very nice way to start the day. At the office, so so lah. … Continue reading »

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APRIL 2010 – What is it??

Yes, welcome April! This month is gonna be one of my favorite in 2010. Why? So many things will happen this month. So excited to face it all, even there is a little bit scary thing. And it’s worrying me! But, that’s the art of life, isn’t it??? Here’s the plan… Ingin melewati setiap jumat … Continue reading »

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Fadillah Yuliasari VS Fadillah Yuliasari

Menyedihkan memang saat saya melalui akun facebook saya Fadillah Yuliasari harus kirim-kiriman pesan dengan Fadillah Yuliasari yang lain (fake profile of me). Terlebih isi pesannya bukanlah sapaan ramah “Hai” atau “Apa Kabar”. Dua akun ini justru cenderung berselisih paham. Yes, Fadillah Yuliasari VS Fadillah Yuliasari. As if, saya konflik dengan diri saya sendiri. Thanks to … Continue reading »

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